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I have been a whitetail outfitter in the midwest for years. New world record whitetail the johnny king buck from. Every year a kansas buck shows up on the record books for both typical and nontypical. Nov 30, 2001 kansas whitetail archer set to enter record book buck. Over 15,000 bucks were taken by bow and arrow here in kansas just last year. County listing will list the weapon used but does not seperate scores. Brian butchers 321 38inch net nontypical kansas whitetail steals the attention. With increasing numbers of deer came more interest in trophyclass deer. The whitetails of north america collection exceeds expectations. Charges have been filed against a topeka man accused of poaching a deer that could have broken a state record that has stood for more than 35 years, according to the kansas department of wildlife. Kdwpt offices remain closed to the public through april 19. Stephen tucker, 26, of gallatin attempted to shoot the trophy buck with a muzzleloader. Missouri big buck record book discussion in whitetails general started by skull stacker, nov 8, 2008.

Experience exhilarating ohio trophy whitetail deer hunting on 4000 plus acres in ohio unguided hunt price list we provide the land, cameras, bait, and a map of the land. Missouri big buck record book missouri whitetails your. I thought to myself oh no, another state record gizzard shad. After pouring over record book data in an attempt to identify these bigbuck neighborhoods, here are some takeaways. With over 2,500 successful hunts to date kg deer ranch will continue to be your perfect choice. Help us keep these areas open by practicing social distancing and avoiding gathering in groups. Montana, arkansas, and south dakota popped up in the top 10, while states currently hailed as big buck meccas, such as ohio, illinois, and kansas, recorded relatively few entries. Therefore, its been extra hard on him, due to both being on.

Everyone knows that ohio is one of the top big buck producers in the nation. American hunter best places to hunt record whitetail. The state ranks third overall with recordbook bucks in the past 10 years with 401 total. This monster whitetail is said to have been picked up in kansas in 1999, hence. His only job is getting his clients on big mature whitetails. Your ohio deer hunting permit is good for an antlered or antlerless deer and is valid statewide. From the trophy bucks in south texas, and the bigbodied, heavyhorned bucks in the heartland states of kansas, iowa, illinois, and ohio and up into alberta and saskatchewan, canada, weve put together a great selection of whitetail deer hunts, 177 in total. Wheeler whitetails outfitters is located in the heart of adams county, ohio and offers hundreds of privately owned acres to hunt. We work hard to bring you the best missouri whitetails website there is on the internet. Furthermore, ohio, kentucky and indiana are the new kids on the block. From the world class ohio trophy whitetails, massive bucks, outstanding amenities, hospitality and a breathtaking wooded property you will have the hunting experience of a lifetime at kg trophy deer ranch. Were passionate about deer hunting and trophy whitetails, and our private, managed, high fenced whitetail herd has some of the best genetics in the country, consistently producing outstanding trophy whitetail year after year. I have talked about the early season there, and hunted it, and.

Deer hunters who seek to add a buck to the boone and crockett records book. Whitetails unlimited knows about your passion for whitetail deer, deer hunting, and spending time in the outdoors. Xtreme world class whitetails of ohio xtreme world class. The top states for boone and crockett whitetails in the last 10. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record grand.

What makes it worse, he also lost his sister, the same day april 1st in 2011. Whitetail deer hunting in illinois, iowa, and missouri. The official website of the kansas department of wildlife, parks and tourism. The largest 5x5 typical sheds listed in the nashc record book belong to the socalled fleming sheds from saskatchewan with a net score of 181 28 again, no spread credit.

The list of counties with three or more record book entries of typical deer and nontypical deer in the top200. Recordkeeping began in fall 1982 and now we have more than 27,000 records in our database. After the 60day drying period, this ohio record whitetail buck should rank among the top 16 typicals in the boone and crockett book, and fifth among the largest bucks ever taken in ohio. The hunter is dan coffman from junction city, ohio, a small community east of columbus in perry county. A possible world record whitetail deer was killed in sumner county on monday. That matched 6x6 set has an official record book score of 195 18 net inches following asymmetry deductions without a spread credit. We hunt all private land with mineral licks, food plots, crop fields and white oak ridges, and some very dense thickets. Nwtf wild turkey records national wild turkey federation. This video documents the long history with smokey dating back to. We have 2,500 acres and over 100 preset stands right in the heart of ohio where rolling hills of agriculture meet hard woods.

Louis 39, followed by south texas webb 27, and minnesotas itasca 20. As the definitive history book of trophy whitetail deer in north america, the much anticipated fourth edition of the boone and crockett club publication, records of north american whitetail deer is now available. Licking county compares favorably with any county in the midwest for trophy whitetails. If you take whitetail hunting seriously, then southern ohio will stand out to you as one of the best places in north america to hunt big whitetail. The terrain is mostly rolling woods with old farms, river. This greatlyexpanded edition includes over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett clubs records program, which was started in 1932. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the farms, your meals, hotel lodging, stands, and game processing. Coming out of highland county, ohio, this whitetail took top honors for the deer with the longest main beam. The records just keep on falling discussion in fishing general started by venatic, mar 20, 2017. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record many hunters kill trophy deer each year, but very, very few manage to take bucks like these oneofakind monsters. Big game records deer hunting elk hunting big game. Four reusable water bottles for nextlevel hydration. One variable in this stat thats a little deceiving is official scorer densities.

Big bucks galore, from the boone and crockett record book archives. Right now one of my new goto places is in western kansas. On april, the bucks final scoring came in at a gross 22168 beating the milo hanson buck from saskatchewan. Kansas man accused of poaching deer that would have broken. Of course, the standing world record still hails from saskatchewan milo hansons 2 58inch typical buck and so that deers genes are certainly still there. Buckmasters entertains and educates deer hunters with current strategies and technology from. To get a buck tag in kansas nonresident hunters must apply for a tag. With almost 16,000 entries, buckmasters whitetail trophy records btr is the nations most popular whitetail trophy record book. Oct 21, 20 in addition to indiana, ohio, illinois, missouri and iowa have hit that mark, each with a single deer. Especially for top end bucks 160 plus but fnf is correct, not an acre of public hunting. The 3,950 entries 74 percent of the record book total come from 41 states and 1,254 counties. It is not as hard to draw a tag as it is in iowa, but good areas can take a few years.

Here at kansas trophy whitetails we are looking ahead to the fall of 2020. Early kansas whitetails ohio sportsman your ohio hunting and. From state harvest reports, i found that around 360,000 hunters took 2,000 total deer in 2014 and again in 2015, only a few deer off the alltime record in 20. This collection includes full mounts of the current world record typical whitetail, the milo hanson, and the current world record nontypical whitetail, the missouri monarch, as well as 8 of the top 12 typical whitetails. Trophy hunting for whitetail deer and turkey at its finest. Its believed that coffman was hunting in neighboring fairfield county the evening he shot the deer, on october 27th. Top 10 booner states for deer hunting since 2010 deer. The whitetail faktor produced this version of don higgins harvest of a 206 inch giant buck known as smokey.

Adams county is well known for the record bucks harvested here and is among one of the best places to hunt in north america. Archery typical whitetail kansas top 20 deer records. The big buck club announced today that the johnny king buck from wisconsin is the new world record typical whitetail gross scoring buck of all time. What i mean by quick fix is that it is a closer drive with huge whitetails for them to pursue. The first step was record book data from the boone and crockett club. There wont be any record this year, the deer population is way down from what i have seen. Jan 29, 2019 that matched 6x6 set has an official record book score of 195 18 net inches following asymmetry deductions without a spread credit. Ohio ohio has been getting more and more attention from big buck hunters in recent years, but for some reason still doesnt receive the attention that wisconsin, iowa, illinois or kansas receive. Young jakob martin lost his father on april 1st and its been super rough on him. In addition to indiana, ohio, illinois, missouri and iowa have hit that mark, each with a single deer. In order to determine these areas, i bought records books published by the boone and crockett club. So if you venture there and find yourself freezing in a box blind wondering what youre doing, pass the time by looking around on the ground.

Kansas bowhunter takes worldclass whitetail salina post. Enjoy the hunt of a lifetime with top of the line wildlife and excellent accomodations. And if youve never heard of this deer, youve got some catching up. Ohio department of natural resources division of wildlife rack type. Xtreme world class whitetails of ohio one of the premier whitetail ranches in the country. Welcome to southern ohio outfitters, ohio s foremost outfit for fair chase trophy whitetail and turkey hunting. Ever since that fateful day, i have tried to learn as much as possible about record book whitetails. Stevens was driving home from his kids volleyball practice last week when he spotted the buck. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck outdoorhub reporters 01. Nwtfs wild turkey records program offers nwtf members a way to register any legally harvested wild turkey, taken anywhere in the world.

Kansas kansas first appeared on the list for big whitetails in the 1990s. Some areas of ohio are covered up with scorers while others have none. Hunting with midwest whitetail adventures, your hunt is sure to be a rush. Home of the current pending whitetail, we put our hunters on more record book class deer than any place in the world. Our 30,000 acres in republican valley kansas provides a better than 34% success rate and at least a 75% shot opportunity. Ohio deer hunting guides and outfitters outdoors international. Incredible width, huge mass and tines going everywhere. You can now hunt whitetails youve only dreamed about. Eastern ohio trophy whitetail deer hunting packages. Wilderness whitetails is proud to offer trophy whitetail hunting on its managed properties located in central wisconsin. Kansas bowhunter takes worldclass whitetail 172020 world. The hoosier record book does list bucks by county and highest score decending.

Whether you hunt whitetails with a rifle, shotgun, compound bow, recurve bow or any other method, buckmasters will help you be a better hunter and learn more about whitetail deer. Deer whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record. Are these sheds from the largest 5x5 whitetail of all time. We analyzed where the top200 record book typical and nontypical whitetails were shot in 2010 to 2015. I have talked about the early season there, and hunted it, and will say it is one of the best times to go. The most productive county during this period was northern minnesotas st. New ohio record whitetail shot by a bow hunter the ronnie stevens buck stephen esker, the ohio hunter who shot a pair of 200class whitetails inside the columbus, ohio city limits in backtoback seasons, shared news with field and stream of yet another dandy ohio whitetail that was taken last night by bow hunter ronnie stevens. Courtesy antlers by klaus iowas reputation for whopper whitetails was built on bucks like this incredible 10. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck. One of our virginia whitetails family needs our prayers. At a whopping 328 28 inches, the buck truly is the buck of a lifetime more than any other whitetail ever discussed.

Which state in the midwest is the best for whitetail deer hunting. The 1932 book was followed by the 1939 records book that included informative chapters on a variety of subjects related to big game and hunting. Where to find that monster buck in kansas bucks of america. With a controversial conversation surrounding how it was found and the scoring of the deer, the buck and its rack have left people in awe since 1940 when it was found dead in kent, ohio. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time outdoor life. The fall 2003 season proved to be a record breaking one, when a real monster buck was taken at kansas trophy whitetails. Imb outfitters is the most qualitative trophy whitetail deer hunting service in the nation, located with premium lodges and trophy whitetail deer hunts in illinois, iowa, and missouri. Book a whitetail deer hunting trip with professional, prescreened big game hunting guides and outfitters. The southern part of the state has produced some of the worlds largest whitetails. Archery season begins mid september and runs through the end of december. Ohio whitetail deer hunts the state of ohio is quickly becoming the quick fix for whitetail hunters on the east coast. Discussion in ohio whitetail deer hunting started by srconnell22, sep 27, 2008. Read more eastern ohio trophy whitetail deer hunting packages.

When you look at state level data, the states youd expect to be present on the list are. Click to search entries, explore big buck regions and enjoy antler heaven. Incredibly, the years 19902001 account for 2,811 or 52 percent of the record book entries during this period. If you think targeting trophy bucks to hunt here in ohio means targeting private land, think again.

The state record for a typical whitetail deer shot with a gun is 198 28 by. Top 10 states for monster whitetails american hunter. American hunter top 10 states for monster whitetails. But officially, the state record is the 280 48incher rifleman joseph waters shot. In contrast, whitetail deer survived in greater numbers in states with remote. Consider upgrading your account to see less ads, and support the site. Seems that word is out on the pure joys of skippy fishing for records book monsters i would expect a tv show soon called hard for skippy.

Maybe that should change dont hate me ohio hunters. Kansas continues to add big deer to the record book and this year is no different. Each year hunters come from around the country to pursue monster whitetails with us in kansas. As for the kansas record books, butchers buck will be the largest. Welcome to eastern ohio trophy whitetails we specialize in hunting leases and unguided hunts all on private managed land for trophy class deer.

Kentucky is a onebuck state, but you can take as many antlerless deer as you like in zone 1 regions. The abundance of deer is jaw dropping and the number of wall mounters continues to increase. Does anyone know of a resource i can go through to find the top 10 counties in ohio for big bucks. Kansas top 20 deer records deer big game information. The records just keep on falling missouri whitetails. The sunflower state is legendary for its nontypicals, and rightly so. As a deer hunter, i read a lot about where to hunt big whitetail bucks.

I have watched the personalities of the midwestern states change due to the popularity of the deer hunting here. It also lists the top 50, by bow and gun state wide. Imb outfitters is a trusted name in the whitetail deer industry as we have been offering trophy whitetail hunts in the midwest, full time, since 1999. Kansas man accused of poaching deer that would have broken state record the wichita eagle. Midwest whitetail adventures come hunt monster whitetails. Ohio has a statewide bag limit of six deer only one of which can be antlered. The boone and crockett club was founded in 1887 by theodore roosevelt and a group of his close friends. Wilderness whitetails wisconsin trophy whitetail hunting. This greatlyexpanded edition includes over 7,500 listings of whitetail deer from the boone and crockett clubs records program. But officially, the state record is the 280 48incher rifleman joseph waters shot back in 1987. Whitetail deer hunting guides and outfitters outdoors.

Jan 01, 2020 the top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. In 1947, the club held its first competition for outstanding trophies, ranking them by a series of measurements that were refined in. Kansas state parks, fishing lakes and wildlife areas are currently open to the public. We are the glick family who own and operate kg deer ranch. Wisconsin whitetail deer buck standing near the edge of a forest during rut. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. We are a national conservation organization, dedicated to conservation, education and the preservation of the hunting tradition.

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