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The standard fulltree setting for full tree categories is roughly 1. How to use this rulebook the nhra rulebook provides guidelines and minimum standards for the construction and operation of vehicles used in nhra championship drag racing and at membertrack events. Looking for a passenger side tail light bucket for a 69 barracu. These rule books are available in the pit stop krpis of cial. See chart at bottom of rulebook on weight penalty for 1451cc 1660cc max engine. I could have looked it up had i felt like scrolling through the nhra rulebook in pdf format on their website, which i didnt. If anyone has or knows someone who has one, please let me know. All vehicles must pass a basic nhra technicalsafety inspection prior to running. So when sending someone to the group you can either invite them via facebook or shoot them the website url. I dont know why they just dont update pro and super pro rules to reflect this or at least mention the page or section where it can be referenced but here is the official rule pg14 in the nhra rulebook. Please take some time to read and understand the policies and rules you will be racing under for 2017. Street cars the following items are required for a vehicle and driver to pass tech. General regulations throughout this rulebook, a number of references are made for particular products to meet certain specifications i.

Nhra roll cage rules 2017 roll cage and bar supply. Determining your nhra or ihra class robert harrison november 4, 2017 at 10. See chart at bottom of rulebook on weight penalty for 71cc 1450cc max engine. Select year 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 20 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985. We recommend that you purchase a current nhra rule book which contains complete rules.

As a fan, youll love it, because it brings you inside the highly technical world of nhra drag racing like nothing else can. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Byron is an nhra sanctioned track and follows all of the nhra safety guidelines. Drag racing league participant card and must be capable of the safe operation of the vehicle. Hot rods 1964 nhra drag rules in pdf format discussion in the hokey ass message board started by valtteri, jun 7, 2015. Requirements for top dragster are the same as those for e.

Basic nhra safety rules all cars must meet nhra rules and pass technical inspection this is general information only and you should always refer to the current official nhra rule book. The 2017 nhra mello yello drag racing season was announced on june 8, 2016 it was the 62nd season of the national hot rod association s top drag racing competition. All drivers must have sfi approved helmets helmets are. Refer to the current nhra rulebook or rules revisions for vehicledriver requirements, specifications, and general regulations. I am going to explain the key rules and requirements on building a 10 point, or 8. The vehicle must meet basic safety criteria brakes. Under current rules, modern top fuel dragsters are 25 ft 7. The official rulebook of andra championship drag racing. Tech officials will utilize this as a means to pass or fail your vehicle. Drag racing always carries with it the risk of serious injury or death in any number of. Proposed,nonssafety,rulechangesmustbemadeinwritingtotherace committeebeforeoctober31fornextyearsraceseason. I could easily write an article five times this size when it comes to explaining how roll cages work in a variety of ets and car configurations.

The amendment clarifies language in the race procedures section regarding instances when both drivers leave before the tree has been activated. To complete the welds on the top of the hoop and have the bars as tight as possible to the roof this is for a street roll bar, drill holes the size of the rollbar main hoop tubing in the floor where they will be installed. Without the roll bars or cages, drivers are not allowed to race. Basic nhra safety rules v072015 this is general information only and you should always refer to the current official nhra rule book. The nhra technical department has made an amendment to the recently released nhra summit racing jr. See nhra or ihra rulebook for additional requirements. Good tires, a solid battery hold down, radiator overflow reservoir, functioning neutralsafety switch, seat belts, and a valid. It is important to realize that these products are.

Popular sanctioning bodies include united manual transmission racers, pro stick. Basic nhra safety rules all cars must meet nhra rules and pass. Total chaos and crap track conditions i could not get the tires under the car. Nhra announces 2017 mello yello drag racing series schedule. Virtually anyone ages 517 can participate in nhra summit racing jr. The nhra summit jr drag racing league heads back to tulsa and bristol in 2019. The vehicle must meet basic safety criteria outlined in this rulebook. In depth information about nhra rules can be found at. Nhra division 7 summit racing series et bracket categories motorcycles may only run in the motorcycle category. Please contact nesos prior to event with your vehicle info so we.

Nhra technical department releases amendment to 2017 rulebook. Its actually on page 9 whereas the rules for pro and super pro which our cars would be deemed are way deeper in. Member tracks have the authority to impose muffler rules and noise regulations beyond those required by the nhra rulebook. I just have questions from time to time about certain classes. Is there a place on line where you can read the nhra rule book instead of having to buy one. Here you can view the ihra rulebook, order a physical copy and check out all of the latest competition updates and revisions. Nhra rule book download pdf throughout this rulebook, a number of references are made for particular products to meet. Nhra member track listed as national historic place. In 2017 nhra driver robert hight ran a career best et. Nhra has developed this nostalgia rules supplement program, which incorporates technical and competition guidelines, to accommodate those categories in an accepted alternate sanctioning organization and not clearly defined by the nhra rulebook. Event coverage welcome to the 2017 meltdown drags page. Since 2015, nhra regulations limit the composition of the fuel to a maximum of 90%.

Snell 2005 helmets expired on 112017 and snell 2010. Well today i returned to the track after 8 months of waiting. Just grab the 2017 pdf version that is free online and look at the 2018 revisions, which is also free online. Drivers of nhra lucas oil drag racing series and e. Nhra launches new online video and live streaming service.

T, quick reference chart, refer to for the latest version of all nonchassis specifications. Drivers are required to have an nhra summit racing jr. There were 24 top fuel, funny car, and pro stock events, and 16 pro stock motorcycle events. Each year, a new nhra rulebook is published with revisions and updates. Jr street rules section of nhra rulebook hot rod heritage racing. Archived from the original pdf on 6 september 2015. This handbook is a guide for our competitors, designed to assist racers with regulations and procedures put in place at maple grove raceway and may or may not be included in the nhra rulebook. It is the responsibility of the participant, not nhra or any track, to ensure. Section 20, page 1 general regulations general regulations.

The rules and regulations set forth in this supplement apply specifically to such. Here is a roll bar tip we install plenty of them and they are very different for street cars vs race cars. The official site of the national hot rod association offers the latest news, results, photos, and audiovisual highlights from the nhra drag racing tour. Nitro funny car qualifying nhra new england nationals friday july 6. Top fuel dragsters are the quickest accelerating racing cars in the world and the fastest. There will be 16 tracks participating in the nhra summit et series finals in 2017, representing teams.

The nhra rule book keeps you up to date with all the info you need to stay safe and competitive. You will not pass tech inspection with antifreeze unless you are in an unmodified car. Section, 4a, page 5, and in general regulations, section 20, page 20, it states, beginning the national hot rod association nhra sets the rules for roll bars and roll cages for racing vehicles. Classbyclass regulations and requirements, racing procedures, and. Please spend some time reading through the 20162017 rulebook to ensure you are familiar with the updates and. C h a r t s a n d f o r m u l a s s e c t i o n 2 1, p a g e 4 charts and formulas 2017 nhra e. The 2020 nhra rulebook is now online and viewable by all who wish to compete in the nhra arena. The 2017 nhra mello yello drag racing series schedule has been announced by nhra officials. March 6, 2017 click here to view the official version in pdf class. It is the responsibility of the participant to be familiar with the contents of this rulebook and to comply with its requirements. Made with flippingbook professional solution for displaying marketing and sales documents online. Years refer to sfi expirations in no way is this quick reference chart intended to supersede or replace the current nhra rulebook quartermile e.

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