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The 1992 constitution of the republic of ghana that came into effect on january 7, 1993, provides the basic charter for the countrys fourth attempt at republican democratic government since independence in 1957. A long series of coups resulted in the suspension of the constitution in 1981 and a ban on political parties. Lawyer and poet dr kobena eyi acquah was born in winneba where he grew up close to the earth, as he likes to put it. As a result of internal and external pressures for a return to constitutional rule, the national commission for democracy ncd established by the provisional national defence council pndc carried out a series of public seminars and consultations with. It was suspended after the 2012 military coup and then in 20. The constitution was drawn up by the international health conference, which had been convened pursuant to resolution l i1 of the economic and social council of the united nations, adopted on 15 february 1946.

The committee of experts was established by pndc law 252 1991, with the following remit. Article 72 of ghanas 1992 constitution ghanaculturepolitics. Unsafe abortion is a major public health problem in ghana. Ghana the 1992 constitution flags, maps, economy, history. Supremacy of the constitution 1 the sovereignty of ghana resides in the people of ghana in whose name and for whose welfare the powers of government are to be exercised in the manner and within the limits laid down in this constitution. Constitutional law constitutional law characteristics of constitutions. Holidays act 2001 act 601 section 1public holidays a day specified in the schedule is hereby declared a public holiday throughout the republic. Their continuing influence rests upon the following economic, sociocultural and political factors. In the pursuit of it object actionaid international ghana shall affiliate with other actionaid international bodies. Constitution of the fourth republic of ghana promulgation law, 1992 pndcl 282 as amended by constitution of the republic of ghana amendment act, 1996 act 527. The constitution of the republic of the republic of ghana 1992 1. Ghana gold coast country profile nations online project. The main issues were the reintroduction of multiparty politics and the division of powers between the president and parliament. This means that no other law in ghana would supersede this documents authority and if any legislation is enacted that conflicts with the constitution, that legislation.

Rawlings drew great attention and public interest, ostensibly due to the profile of the parties involved. The plaintiff by his writ claims against the defendants as follows. Perhaps, williams shakespeare was right when he said that hell is empty and all the devils are here. It was approved on 28 april 1992 through a national referendum after 92%. Below is the 1992 constitution of the r epublic of ghana, arranged by chapters. It defines the fundamental political principles, establishing the structure, procedures, powers and duties of the government, structure of the judiciary and legislature, and spells out the fundamental rights and duties of citizens. The assembly was charged to draw up a draft constitution to establish a fourth republic. Article 2 territory the territory of this church shall be the territory of ghana as defined by the 1992 constitution of ghana, and any other place outside ghana where the church may establish a branch as permitted by law. There were 8,255,690 registered voters for the referendum. The public services commission psc is the central management agency cma responsible for providing strategic policy guidance for human resource management in the public service organizations listed under article 190 1 of the 1992 constitution. Ghanas constitution of 1992 with amendments through 1996.

Iarticle 277 of the 1992 constitution of ghana defines a chief as a person, who, hailing from the appropriate family and lineage, has been validly nominated, elected or selected and enstooled, enskinned or installed as a chief or queen mother in accordance with. Law, no person who is a refugee within the meaning of this law shall be. Promulgation decree of the 1979 constitution of ghana. Browse and navigate ghana constitution in easy, natural real. In 2008, ghana held a peaceful runoff in a hotly contested presidential race, breaking the pattern of violence that had afflicted elections in nigeria, kenya, zimbabwe and several other african countries during the same period. Ademapasj drew its strength from konares base of teachers, medical professionals, and students across mali. It was approved on 28 april 1992 through a national referendum after 92% support. Download ghana constitution 1992 pdf bcfaf6891f ghana elects on national level a head of state, the president, and a legislature. I call a bond, refundable at the gate here in the us when she lands. Below is the 1992 constitution of the republic of ghana, arranged by chapters. Banks and special deposit act, 2016 date of assent. Constitutional law characteristics of constitutions.

Chapter five fundamental human right and freedoms 12 1 the fundamental human rights and freedoms enshrined in this chapter shall be respected and upheld by the executive, legislature and. Constitution online constitute project organization pdf of constitution as. Method the authors examined the national plan as is and evaluated it against the state and local pandemic influenza planning checklist of the department of health and human services and the centers. Ghana s constitution of 1992 with amendments through 1996. Nigeria railways lost 33 percent of traffic from 1979 to 1986.

On december 7, ghana held its election for president and for the 230 members of parliament. Following years of british rule that lasted from the early 19th century. The constitution of the republic of ghana in the name of the almighty god we the people of ghana. Constitutional amendments on 29 march 1946 enabled the colony to be the first in africa to have a majority of black members in its legislature. The constitution provides for multi party democracy within a semipresidential system. Telecommunications in ghana include radio, television, fixed and mobile telephones, and the internetintended for a. Malis 1992 constitution religious actors play a defining role in malis society and, at times, its politics. Sep 18, 2018 the constitution of the republic of the republic of ghana 1992 1. Kobena eyi acquah lawyer and poet dr kobena eyi acquah was born in winneba where he grew up close to the earth, as he likes to put it. It declares ghana to be a unitary republic with sovereignty residing in the ghanaian people.

After more than ten years of pndc rule ghana would return to constitutional rule in january 1993 after a referendum in april 1992 to approve a new constitution, a presidential election in november 1992 and a parliamentary election in december of the same year. The african ejournals project has digitized full text of. The 1992 constitution contains the most explicit and comprehensive provisions in ghanas postcolonial constitutional history regarding the system of local government as a decentralized form of national administration. Jul 25, 2009 the 1992 republican constitution of ghana, article 270 3b enjoins traditional councils to establish and operate a procedure for the registration of chiefs and the public notification in the gazette or otherwise of the status of persons as chiefs in ghana. Lancaster university ghana law students journal volume 2. The ghana news agency gna was established on march 5, 1957, i. The ghanaian people are a nation originating in the ghanaian gold coast. One chief weakness observed is that the constitution makes the executive president too powerful without t.

This chapter describes the ghanaian legal system, pro bono and. Ghanas gross domestic product has shown steady and positive growth of an average 4 per cent per annum over the last decade. The 1992 constitution of mali was approved by a referendum on 12 january 1992 after being drawn up by a national conference in august 1991. On a true and proper interpretation of article 51 of the 1992 constitution, a constitutional instrument to demarcate the boundaries for both the national and local government elections comes into force only after the expiration of 21 sitting days after it has been laid before parliament and that c. Regions of ghana, and shall, to the greatest extent feasible, make those facilities available to all citizens. The work of the committee of experts on the 1992 constitution. This means that no other law in ghana would supersede this documents authority and if any legislation is enacted that conflicts with the constitution, that legislation would be declared, unconstitutional article 12.

After the reintroduction of multiparty democracy, the ratings for ghanas political system constantly rose and have remained high on an almostperfect level for the last decade freedom house 2011. The three colors of the flag red, green, and black and the black star in the middle are all symbolic of the panafricanist movement. Theory is often neglected as a tool for providing evidence to inform better practice. In ghana, the current constitution, written in 1992 under a chapter on representation of the people. Security sector reform in ghana introduction and context of reform ghana has come to be considered one of the most successful examples of demilitarization and democratization, and its experiences with security sector reform have often been noted as a hopeful example and an important factor contributing to the establishment of democracy. Article 3 objectives the church and its mission we believe that the church is the body of christ, the habitation of. Ghanaians predominantly inhabit the republic of ghana, and are the predominant cultural group and residents of ghana, numbering 20 million people as of 20. The role of traditional institutions in political change and. The main issues were the reintroduction of multiparty politics and the division of powers between the president and parliament there were 8,255,690 registered voters for the referendum. Section 9particulars to be given on request every person who occupies any office or shop to which this act applies shall, if so requested by an inspector, within one month serve on the chief inspector a notice containing the particulars set out in the third schedule.

And if so what is it for and answered by a verified immigration lawyer. The main stages in the evolution of the 1992 constitution. Does ghana, west africa have such a law as 1992 constitution article 754, cross 1285. Constitution of actionaid international ghana aaig name of the organisation 1. In the 1997 elections, konare faced only one challenger and won a second term with almost 85 percent of the vote. In part, the constitution was designed to decentralize the government in ghana. Elections in the fourth republic 1992 2000 introduction you are most welcome to unit 4. Enshrined in the 1992 constitution, the government of ghana is mandated to ensure fair treatment of men and women. Ghana constitution 1960 preliminary note by francis bennion the following is the text of the 1960 ghana constitution, the first constitution of the country after it became an independent republic by virtue of the ghana independence act 1957. The earlier constitutions can be located in the historic. Constitution of ghana wikisource, the free online library. A new constitution, restoring multiparty politics, was approved in 1992.

Section 10regional and district branches of commission. He was a member of the constituent assembly that drew up ghanas 1979 third republican constitution, and again of the assembly that drew up the current 1992 fourth republican constitution. The name of the organisation is actionaid international ghana and shall hereinafter be called the organisation. The constitution of the united states of america purposefully sought to confuse and delude people into thinking it was the actual equity contract obligating the states to receive services and subrogate their international jurisdiction to the federal government. Ghana has also made commitments towards gender by ratifying a number of international instruments and guidelines to promote gender equality which also has implications on the development and promotion of health for all its citizenry. Emphasis mine the constitutional provision at the heart of this discussion reads. The constitution shall come into force oll the 24th day of ment constitutionor. These provisions were inspired to a large extent by current law and by the practice of local government under the pndc.

History and antiquity bear ample testimonies to the paradoxical and enigmatic nature of some individuals. Welcome to the moorish international good will society. It should be noted, however, that the constitution does not define the term discrimination. This constitution shall be the supreme law of ghana and any other law found to be inconsistent with. Subject to the provisions of this article, a person shall not be qualified to be a member of parliament unless a he is a citizen of ghana, has attained the age of twentyone years and is a registered voter. Revised in 2009, this edition of african american family histories and related works in the library of congress incorporates all the past efforts of sandra lawson and paul connor, supplemented by the edition of 84 family histories and genealogical handbooks. Oct 14, 2011 the 1992 constitution of ghana is the supreme law of the state. The conference was held at new york from 19 june to 22 july 1946. Mensah v the chairman electoral commission and another j111. Legislative elections were held in the gold coast in june 1946.

What were the steps taken when drawing the 1992 constitution. Chairman of the committee of experts on the constitution. The 1992 constitution of ghana is the supreme law of the state. The end of african socialism the heritage foundation. Most land holders in ghana hold their land through forms of customary tenure. This decree, which serves as a preamble to the 1979 constitution, details what the functions were of the constituent assembly in 1978, including their power to deliberate upon the constitution for the establishment of a transitional national government. I examine the reasoning of the supreme court sc and demonstrate how the judgment failed to do justice to the relevant provisions of the constitution resulting in far reaching consequences beyond those intended by the framers of the 1992 constitution.

The role of traditional institutions in political change. Past and present article pdf available in journal of education and human development 53. Pro bono practices and opportunities in ghana introduction pro bono is a new concept in ghana. Since the first republican constitution in 1960, ghana has had three other constitutions.

Jerry rawlings, head of state since 1981, won presidential elections in 1992 and 1996, but was constitutionally prevented from running for a third term in 2000. To make recommendations to the government for consideration and provide a draft bill for possible amendment to the 1992 constitution. Since the advent of multiparty democracy in 1992, ghana had held three consecutive elections. The political struggles that preceded this historic event date back over a hundred years. Ag ghana constitution pages 1 50 text version fliphtml5. My views and opinions on specific aspects of the constitution. For the purposes of performing his functions under the constitution, this act and any other law, the commissioner may bring an action before any court in ghana and may seek any remedy which may be available from that court.

All enstoolment and enskinment are therefore to be gazetted by the regional houses. Domestic and international observers reported that the elections were generally free, fair and peaceful. A highly accessible, easy to use app version of the constitution of ghana the supreme law of the republic of ghana. The constitution of ghana is the supreme law of the republic of ghana. A lawyer of some forty years standing and a notary public, he has been chief legal adviser to a bank and solicitor secretary to a financial investment company, among others. This was a key theme in the early history of ghanas independence.

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