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Take a look at our california whale watching seasons and pricing information for your trip. The diverse landscape creates countless microclimates that cause varied weather in neighboring geographical locations. The migrating population is named the group 5 southern hemisphere humpback whale population or the australian east coast humpbacks. Olga and i saw a posting for a threeday, twonight weekend trip to the coast of ecuador for a whale watching tour and decided to go see those behemoths up close. Governmental regulations limit any whale watching tours to this time period. Coiba island panama is one of the only places in the world where humpback whales migrate from both the northern and southern hemispheres. Whale watching in ecuadorhumpback whales in season june. It is in this period that humpback whales come to the coasts of peru and ecuador from the cold waters of the antarctica, making a long journey of several thousand kilometers, thus giving birth to their young to reproduce. Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Coming to the shores of ecuador to find a soul mate with whom to raise a youngster, this annual migratory mass glides effortlessly past tierra del fuego, chile, and the peruvian coast to arrive off the coast of ecuador where they proceed to sing and perform an. Each summer humpback whales migrate thousands of miles from antarctica following the humboldt current to reach the warm waters of northern peru, ecuador, the galapagos islands and even as far north as costa rica and panama. The southeast pacific humpback whale megaptera novaeangliae population. Whalewatching in lima, peru a birding blog by gunnar engblom. I wasnt so sure we were going to see any whales, being the start of the season and all, but to my surprise there were several whales out and about.

The best time to visit ecuador for beaches is surprisingly the rainy season that takes place from december through to may as this is a lot fresher than the dry season from june to november which can be way too cool as well as cloudy and often overcast. Off the coasts of california, there is no shortage of whale watching tours available for whale season. Whale watching season in ecuador guide ecuador travel. Their tours strive to give respect to the sea life while observing their natural habits in an ecological and responsible manner. The whale shark in galapagos facts on the worlds largest. In the rollicking tradition of carl hiaasens tourist season, with the heart of garrison keillors lake wobegon, and peopled by the kind of colorful characters who would be quite at home in any tom robbins novel, n. Watching the whales swim in pods and jump out of the water is truly a spectacular sight. With option of coastal dolphin tours from mompiche, muisne and pedernales to. From the north in esmeraldas, whale tours are offered in atacames and sua.

Whale season in galapagos, ecuador and northern peru. Whale watching boat trips allow you to get close to the whales as they swim past. The migration route of the humpbacks from the northern hemisphere is the longest migration of any species on the planet as they migrate here to. Whale watching season in banderas bay and the pacific ocean near puerto vallarta officially begins december 8 th and runs through the winter until march 23 rd. Posted by sherrie on thursday, june 7, 2012 2 comments. Whale watching is mostly a recreational activity cf. A whale of an adventure on ecuadors coast cuencahighlife. Surviving the rain season in the amazon until the dolphins return is a documentary about the ashaninka people striving to survive the rain season in amazon forest. Get a free copy of the events listed below by downloading our annual. Another whale species you might see in the offseason is the humpback whale, whose adults range in length from 40 to 50 feet and often appear from april to june. Whale museum salinas, ecuador attractions lonely planet.

Every year the whales come to the waters off ecuadors coast to mate and birth offspring. What started as just one marine biologist and one captain has slowly grown to be the only premier whale watching company in cabo san lucas. Between june and october, as thousands of tourists flock from all over the planet to the beaches of ecuador, a group of visitors rushes through the waters of the southern pacific to meet them. Along the way, the whale is sustained by its substantial fat stores, called blubber. Galapagos islands, island group of the eastern pacific ocean, administratively a province of ecuador. This is important not only for the security of the boat and its passengers, but also because of the possible implications for the whale populations. Beautiful humpback whales in the coast of ecuador, breeding season stock photo 40278157. With renowned naturalist guides, our goal is to provide lifeenhancing travel experiences while supporting environmental and wildlife conservation. Whale watching in ecuador from late june through early october, the ocean off ecuadors pacific coast is the breeding area for hundreds of humpback whales, which migrate there from the icy waters around antarctica. On board of our nice boat you will have fun and at the same time you will learn a lot about our sea life. Whale watching cabo san lucas season whale watch cabo tours. The season is split into two distinct sections depending on the direction of travel of the majority of whales at that time. Admiring the humpback whale from the humbling perspective of a sea kayak is the highlight of this. We left cuenca at 7 friday morning in a 15passenger mini bus along with 12 others eight americans, one young german, an englishman, the tour guide and the driver.

The primary food source of the mammoth blue whale is tiny, shrimplike krill. When is the best time to dive with hammerheads in galapagos. In comparison, humans can only swim up to four or five miles per hour. Humpbacks live the antarctic for the first six months of the year, then when the water temperature drops in june, they migrate northwards along the south american pacific coast to find warmer temperatures in the colombian waters between ecuador and panama. Standardized research protocols across regions will help researchers work together to establish a comprehensive photoidentification catalog and determine how humpback whales are. Whale sharks are more common in the narrow part of the. Learn about the areas rich history at the eden killer whale museum and dont miss the annual eden whale festival in november.

If opting for the boat trip you should ensure the vessel always maintains a minimum distance of 200m from the whales. The galapagos archipelago, consisting of 19 main islands and many smaller islands, is in the pacific ocean, 600 miles west of ecuador. Hasse is very knowledgeable and can talk for hours about sea birds and mammals. For those looking for an introduction to the southern ecuadorian pacific coast, this guided tour of the southern spondylus route covers all the bases. These whales are particularly acrobatic, so you might see them splashing about on the surface of the ocean in addition to coming up for air. Find in a single place, forests of varied climates.

Whale watching tour puerto lopez machalilla natl park. Humpback whale, breeding and south america researchgate, the. In search of the humpback whale, 4 days ecuador adventure. The speed and size of the blue whale helps it cruise the hundreds of miles between patches of food. Ecuador itineraries places tours hotels faqs transport 18884563212. Beautiful humpback whales in the coast of ecuador, breeding season. I am planning a trip with my family to ecuador and the galapagos. Whale watching in ecuador is an amazing experience as up to 3,000 humpback whales are annual visitors to the coast of ecuador. Also taking the trip with them helps the continuation of research.

This blue whale was recorded between hawaii and manta, ecuador on a noaa expedition that ignacio attended in 2005. The islands became internationally famous as a result of their being visited in 1835 by charles darwin. Structure and dynamics of humpback whales competitive groups. The tourism minister was pleased to open this whale watching season in salinas, ayangue. Pdf distribution and behavior of humpback whale mothercalf. Distribution and behaviour of humpback whale mothercalf pairs. When humpback whales travel thousands of kilometres north from the cold waters of the antarctic ocean to the warm currents abundant with food along ecuadors coastline, it means that whale season is starting again. Although there are some seasonal weather variations, these conditions generally do not limit travel to any particular time of the year.

Northern hemisphere whales head to central america from alaska from the months of december to march. Can anyone please tell me if they have been and if puerto lopez or salinas is better bearing in mind extra time and cost to travel to puerto lopez. Whale watching is the main attraction in bahia solano. Blue whales in the galapagos islands happy gringo travel. This season marks the 5th year of operations for us here in cabo san lucas. Blue whales are one of the biggest mammals that can be seen in the galapagos islands. We went out for a few hours on the ocean to find some whales. Best whale watching in ecuador palo santo travel ecuador. Hanifaru bay, an uninhabited island in baa atoll is a great option for those travelling to the maldives during the wet season, i. Dive with galapagos whale sharks, learn about seal superpowers, obsess about wildlife photography, and. From 2hour trips to multiday cruises, whale watching during whale season is a highly popular activity. The tourism minister was pleased to open this whale watching season in salinas, ayangue, puerto lopez, atacames and santa clara. The oystercatcher bar is a restaurant above the museum note.

Our love and your love for whales and dolphins can together build a new resource for whaledolphin lovers and researchers alike. Most of the humpbacks arrive from antarctica to the ecuadorian coast between june and october. Traveling in pods of up to 10 this is a yearly event. Mating dances and rituals last for a few weeks and a year later the waters around ecuador come alive with the birth of their young. Ecuadors machalilla national park is ideally located for you to watch the humpback whales that gather near the coast on this whale watching tour. June thru october is whale watching season on the south coast of ecuador. It is hard to shoot video of whales as you are never aiming in the. This was july right after the start of the whale watching season. Unlike with most sharks, where the mouth is found on the underside of the head, the mouth of a whale shark is found at the front of its head. Year round whale watching and a whale watch guarantee available. Onboard whale naturalists, hydrophone, and delicious food, premium bar drinks, and warm chocolate chip cookies all included.

The whales make their yearly pitstop along the coast of ecuador between june and september to mate, give birth, and entertain humans fascinated by their everyday behavior. They work with students from a local marine biology university whose photographs and records. When is the best time to dive with whale sharks in galapagos. We are the most beautiful country in the world, to the point of becoming the favorite place for one of the largest animals on the planet, choose it whale watching season in ecuador read more. Whale season lasts from july to september, during which you can see.

Distribution of 89 historical and recent humpback whale records in. We hope you will join whale watch cabo for the coming 201516 cabo san lucas whale watching season. Those of us who live here in the san juans know that the opportunity to see whales exists pretty much all year round, but there are definite seasons when the whales are more likely to be about. The best time to dive with whale sharks in galapagos from a liveaboard is the dry season between june and dec. Whale watching off ecuadors pacific coast happy gringo travel. If you want a small chance to see them on the central islands it is during the wet season dec may although it is not very likely you will see one. The weather in ecuador is exceptionally difficult to predict. Entanglement the greatest danger to whales in ecuador. Whales stop to feed in the calm, nutrientrich waters of twofold bay and its one of the best places to see killer whales. The whale watching season in mancora and nearby beaches begins in midjuly and ends in late october. It has a wide, flat head, a rounded snout, very small eyes, 2 dorsal fins on its back, 5 very large gill slits, and 2 pectoral fins on its sides. After this excursion, youll visit a small whale museum to learn more about these incredible mammals.

Whale watching at mancora, organos and punta sal, peru. Many boating companies that offer whale watching in ecuador operate from manabi, which is a small village in puerto lopez. Because of this, costa rica has the longest humpback whale season in the world. The humpback whale migration passing sydney takes place between april and december each year. The study area is influenced by several large current. The official conservation travel partner of world wildlife fund, offering custom and small group tours to natures greatest sites. Whale watching nsw whale watching season, activities. A truly amazing, jawdropping experience, when vacationing to maui during the winter season, a humpback whale watch is a mustdo.

Download trip application form back to adventure tours. Kelbys whale season is a sharp and funny novel made up of equal parts comic adventure and serialkiller inspired mayhem. Once a major whaling town, eden is now a whalewatching hub. Little is known about the migratory movements of the west latin america population of humpback whales. Ttrips are run by some of the most experienced people in ecuadorean whale research, and. Observe the mother humpback whales with their calves in their natural environment. They surface to take a deep breath, blow water into the air, and every now and then decide to shoot out into the sky. Santa cruz giant tortoises migrate down from the highlands to the lowlands to begin mating season humpback whales migrate through galapagos good time to see whale sharks off of darwin and wolf island, until novemberish july. There are very few places in the world where whale sharks, rhincodon typus, appear regularly and the galapagos islands is one of those places. Humpback whales can be seen in their mating grounds off the coast of ecuador. A study prepared for international fund for animal welfare in 2009 estimated that million people went whale watching globally in 2008. You can take boat tours to see them up close, or watch from your hotel or apartment with binoculars. During the whale watching season they offer day trips for whale viewing. However, it is important to do your research before embarking, as not all whale watching tours are created.

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